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Providers who are seeking information on setting up a secure digital paperless HIPAA Compliant office have come to the right place. With full functioning 24 hour client side access (including video sessions, 24 hour journaling, secure emails, reviewing shared session files, client self scheduling, appointment reminders and automated insurance and credit card billing at the session time) your clients will find you on the web, schedule with you, and use your services day and night.

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You are asked to register to schedule a one hour consult to discuss the server set up (which can be live in a matter of 24 hours)! Along with the server set up, we'll talk about how clients complete all intake, insurance and credit billing information in your server, before calling you or before your first appointment. Plus, we'll discuss how we/you will be linking your digital practice server to all other of your online profiles (Healthgrades, Psychology Today, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Facebook, your domain or a free talkifuwant provider web page).

See example of Free TalkifUwant Provider Page here:

In a matter of a week or two, your online paperless (with face to face, video, chat, telephone session scheduling option included) will be live and soon clients will be finding you online, 24 hours a day!

- automated records production (push a button and the client file is ready to print, fax, or email)
- treatment plans customized to your services with your logo and your practice information on all of them (linked to your clients very first appointment)
-Paperless office
-Credit card and insurance billing with cost shares auto populated ready for the auto populated CMS-1500 and automatically set to bill the patients share to their card)
-Progress notes completed at each session
-Sharing of session files to one or all clients
-Cl sharing of files as well
-Shared session notes (if you want) or shared notes for assignments

NO CONTRACT. LESS THAN $100 A MONTH (plus pass through costs for credit cards and insurance claims, if the carrier does not participate with the gateway).

When you leave your office each day - everything is done. Digitally time stamped, digitally in the server, all billing, and ready to start new the next day!

Here what one provider says about using the server and working with LaRose:

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"I've been using the secure server since 2012. I'm now an affiliate contractor with the server, as a provider talking to other providers about how they can get into the digital era - where all mental health services will be soon enough!" K. LaRose

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(beginning January 2018)

This server is designed so that providers, who are considering ways to enhance (or begin) their private practice, can register for the CEU workshop. The workshop includes a the real time setup of your fully automated private practice.

Your practice can be protocol stable, with online marketing, approach specific forms (tx plans, bio-psyches, intakes, WHODAS, progress notes, secure emails, client scheduling, credit card processing options, insurance billing, and legal consents) by the time you leave the conference (there may be a delay with credit card processing approval and with insurance billing set up approval due to third party timelines).

Now is the time for mental healthcare to be streamlined for improved client care and stabilized practices! Cloud based mental health makes the model potentially universal for our clients! Not only does this server provide the full practice protocol for the provider it includes a 24 hour client side portal for your clients - with a wealth of self directed services available!.

All of it is maintained and managed in the secure server. No more files, no more searching for notes, no more records to lock up --- everything about your client, in one digital file!

Join the online, HIPAA secure private practice model today. Register now!


*Participants will be introduced to a standardized private practice model where private practice protocols are already in place and where private practice can begin almost immediately after licensure. It will include the protocols for those practices who bill insurance and for those who offer self-pay.

*This workshop sets up EHR as it relates to private practice using a digital server, from point of entry to termination. These records cover the gamut of nearly all private practice scenarios.

*This workshop will review the digital server for the client, where clients utilize the server 24 hours a day, giving them opportunity to access your practice at will.

*It discusses and sets up client registration, appointment scheduling, legal consents, and all credit card and insurance billing information. All necessary documents prior to being seen by the provider are generated by the client in the digital practice portal. Paper files are a thing of the past!

*This workshop will include how it is that clients upload secure images of their insurance cards and/or how these are scanned into the digital file.

*This workshop will set up the online links necessary to market the private practice so that clients find the provider online and begin their self-directed process to being seen. Providers will be shown how the digital server can be used by other providers, each with their own digital practice – in one website location. The server set-up includes a private practice website for those providers who do not have one.

*The digital private practice includes face to face appointments, as well digital video based sessions. Chat sessions are included as are telephone sessions. Secure emailing, journaling, and shared notes are a part of the platform. This workshop includes examples of how the online video session occurs, while synching all data to the client file in the server – using standardized digital documentation.

*Participants will use their laptops or tablets during the workshop to set up their digital private practice. Digital practices will be largely complete by the end of the workshop. Participants will schedule optional follow-up phone consultations with the presenters, should they be necessary.


Renewal at the end of the two months is optional - as there are no contracts to sign! The digital server, for those who elect to keep it, is less than $80 a month! Insurance billing alone will pay for itself - done with the click of a button at the session!


*A laptop that can access the web

*Any website URL’s used currently to market your practice (ie: your domain, your psychology today profile, your healthgrades profile, etc.)

*Any provider numbers if you accept insurance, to set up your electronic billing.
Your banking information to set up credit card processing (these will be entered by you at the conference into the secure server—they are not shared)

NOTE: The digital practice model here is one that was discussed at the NASW-FL State Conference in Orlando, Florida June 16-18, 2016 as presented by Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW CHT CSW Qualified Supervisor. TalkifUwant.com - a proud NASW FL Conference Sponsor.

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